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Episode 7: Coping Episode 7

Episode 7: Coping

· 23:24

The gang goes to a free yoga class. ALF feels claustrophobic. Byron runs into a straight friend. Mars and Maya hit the clubs. Alana enjoys the chase. Does anyone really need a t-shirt with a swole Sonic the Hedgehog?

Anna Feldmann as ALF
Grace Joshua Byron as Byron
Myrrh Crow as Mars
Alana Ruiz as Alana
Jovough Jackson as Dean
Sam Campbell as Maya
Taylor Beals as Harry
Myles Webb as the yoga instructor
Adam Cecil as Byron’s therapist
Ash Turner as Alice
Dylan Marron as the cashier
Hanna Israel as ALF’s friend

The Nonbinary Carrie Bradshaw was created and written by Anna Feldman, Grace Joshua Byron, Myrrh Crow, and Alana Ruiz
Directed by Grace Joshua Bryon
Produced by Grace Joshua Byron and Adam Cecil
Editing and sound design by Adam Cecil
Logo by Emily Tat
Featuring "Quarter Life Crisis" by Johnny Darlin.

Find out more at nonbinarycarriebradshaw.com.


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