“In a time that is especially challenging right now, having access to art that brings to life what queer folx are dealing with and how they survive in an unforgiving time and city is especially important…” Luna Luna Mag

From the team behind the video webseries Trans Monogamist, The Nonbinary Carrie Bradshaw is a limited series fiction podcast following four friends in New York City as they juggle relationships, non-monogamy, and their careers in a world of softboys, twinks, comedians, and worst of all, artists. The Nonbinary Carrie Bradshaw brings a queer, trans, mumblecore take on Sex and the City to your podcast queue.

The podcast follows the friends as they navigate a complicated world of dating and relationships in New York City: Byron, who is somehow more Carrie than Carrie, is torn between a new love interest and an old flame; Mars, our workaholic gay, wants to hold on to hir partner while being non-monogamous; ALF, domestic homebody, is deciding whether they’re politically into being/having a girlfriend; and Alana, resident party gurl, is stuck dealing with one softboy after another.

The actors take turns narrating episodes, each getting a chance to be the titular nonbinary Carrie Bradshaw. From the highs of House of Yes to the lows of having your debit card declined and being stood up, the podcast follows one year in their lives. Will they be able to navigate the ethics of polyamory? Will any of them kiss each other? Can they have their cake and eat it too while asserting their pronouns?