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Episode 1: The One Episode 1

Episode 1: The One

· 23:53

Byron meets a new love interest after being dumped in a DM. Alana's big ex has a big reveal. Mars negotiates nonmonogamy. ALF meets someone who can appreciate their domestic side. Will anyone score that special connection? Will anyone be able to afford a nice brunch at Le Pain Quotidien?

Grace Joshua Byron as Byron
Alana Ruiz as Alana
Anna Feldmann as ALF
Myrrh Crow as Mars
Taylor Beals as Harry
Alfredo Franco as Thorn
Ali Glembocki as Jane
Sam Campbell as Maya
Cosimo Pori as Derek

The Nonbinary Carrie Bradshaw was created and written by Grace Joshua Byron, Myrrh Crow, Alana Ruiz, and Anna Feldmann.
Directed by Grace Joshua Bryon
Produced by Grace Joshua Byron and Adam Cecil
Editing and sound design by Adam Cecil
Logo by Emily Tat
Featuring “Cubicle Get Down” and “Quarter Life Crisis” by Johnny Darlin


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